“Whoever spoke was shot by the police, this is the program …”, Ashish Shelar aimed!

The case of a police officer arguing and pushing a journalist in the premises of Lalbagh Ganesh Mandal in Mumbai is now heating up. The ruling BJP is sharply criticizing the ruling Mahavikasaghadi government over the issue. In this case, BJP MLA Ashish Shelar has castigated the government. Like BJP, MNS has also criticized the ruling party on this issue. As this happened on the first day of Ganeshotsav, it is being said that the opposition has come to Koli to criticize the ruling party.

What exactly happened?

The incident took place this morning when Inspector Sanjay Nikam, who was on duty at the Lalbagh Raja Mandal premises, allegedly insulted the media representatives. After the representative also claimed that Sanjay Nikam had pushed him, he has started criticizing Sanjay Nikam and alternatively the state government. On this basis, BJP MLA Ashish Shelar has protested on Twitter.

“Protest against dictatorial government”

Ashish Shelar has sharply criticized the state government in his tweet. “Protest against the Thackeray government, which is beating the media in front of the King of Lalbaug!” The Thackeray government has not only parted ways with God and devotees, but has also cracked down on media representatives who are now struggling to meet online. Whoever spoke, he was fired by the police, at least the same program of the trio started! ” This tweet was made by Ashish Shelar.

Criticism of Devendra Fadnavis too

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition in the state assembly and former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has also criticized the move. “According to the information I received, the journalists were following the rules by taking passes. It is not right to beat them in such a situation. The government must take notice of this, do it after inquiry, but take action first, ”said Devendra Fadnavis.


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