Why should Deepak Kochhar’s petition be heard immediately?


High Court Inquiry

MUMBAI: The High Court on Wednesday categorically refused to hear a petition filed by Deepak Kochhar, husband of Chanda Kochhar, former chief executive officer of Videocon-ICICI Bank, seeking quashing of the action taken by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in the case.

Ask the special court to confirm the allegations, asking whether there is an urgent need for a hearing. Justice Sandeep Shinde avoided the demand for an immediate hearing on Kochhar’s plea, saying that the petition should be heard immediately as the charges would be decided only by a special court.

Kochhar challenged the action taken by the special court on the basis of the chargesheet filed by the ED and the evidence that emerged from the investigation. The system made it clear in 2020 that the property confiscated by the ED was not part of the crime. Even then, the ED hid the matter and the court ruled in favor of confiscating it. Evidencing this, Kochhar has sought quashing of the action taken by the special court. The special court had on October 1 moved the case for confirmation of the charges and sought an immediate hearing on the petition.

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