Why the lack of implementation despite the vision of development ?; Modi held a marathon meeting with officials

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday held a marathon meeting with secretaries of various departments of the central government. Sources said that Modi, despite having a clear vision for development, had asked the secretary why there was a shortfall in implementation. The meeting, which took place several months after a major reshuffle in the Union Cabinet, lasted more than four hours. In this meeting, the Secretary presented his views on various policy-related matters. He also instructed the government and the implementation of policies, sources said.

After listening to the Secretary, Modi said, “Your point of view is admirable. But he wondered why it was not being implemented. Instead of acting like the secretary of a department, he should act like the leader of his team, ”Modi said.

One secretary suggested that we should align our education and skills programs to meet the requirements in terms of new drone regulations. So that the ecosystem can evolve. Appreciating the idea, Modi asked other officials to consider the demands of their departments. He also said that the Department of Agricultural Research can tailor its research program to the needs of other departments.

Following the second wave of Corona, the meeting was held as part of a brainstorming session with ministers and senior officials to bring new energy and enthusiasm to the Prime Minister Modi government and officials.

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