Why this Gujarat model? Why is it time to change the Chief Minister overnight ?, Shiv Sena’s Tola; Fadnavis also recalled being CM

Became an MLA for the first time Bhupendra Patel sworn in as Gujarat Chief Minister on Monday Took. Vijay Rupani had abruptly resigned two days ago, almost a year before the Assembly elections. With this change of leadership in Gujarat, Shiv Sena has now targeted BJP. Shiv Sena, along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has slammed the ruling BJP at the Center.

Modi means, ‘I don’t belong to anyone, I don’t belong to anyone’

“I am always curious about Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Modi is expressing ‘Mann Ki Baat’ by searching for many topics that no one has any idea about. From toys to keeping them, but it is difficult to find out what is going on in their minds, it is clear from the election of the Chief Minister of Gujarat, “said Tola from the front page of ‘Saamana’. Bhupendra Patel has become the new Chief Minister of Gujarat. When his name came up, ‘Who is this gentleman?’ That was a question almost everyone asked. When Vijay Rupani resigned as the Chief Minister, in the next two days, Deputy Chief Ministers Nitin Patel, Govardhan Jadafia, Mansukh Mandvi, C. R. Patil continued to chew in the media by bringing many such names into the discussion. Many journalists thought that we are close to Modi and only we know what is going on in Modi’s mind and they were saying that Modi will make ‘this’ or ‘him’ the Chief Minister. By appointing Bhupendra Patel as the Chief Minister, Modi surprised all these so-called close people. This is the message Modi has given, ‘I don’t belong to anyone, I don’t belong to anyone,’ “the article said.

Fadnavis also mentioned

Also further, “Who is Bhupendra Patel now? This should be considered a mystery. He belongs to the Patel community and the Patel community in Gujarat is angry with the Bharatiya Janata Party and made Bhupendrabhai the Chief Minister. From Nitin Patel to Praful Patel Khoda, many senior Patel leaders were there. What is the reason for making Bhupendra Patel the Chief Minister, who got the first term of MLA with the grace of Anandiben Patel, sitting on the last bench? But the tactic of Modi politics is to push and give power to the people who are not very active. The same thing happened in Gujarat. Modi has often given a chance to new faces all of a sudden. In Maharashtra too, he had given a ‘push’ to Devendra Fadnavis by giving him the responsibility of the Chief Minister’s post. Now the same ‘shock system’ has been used in Gujarat, “the article said.

The problems in Gujarat are discussed in the article

The new Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel’s political journey is from corporator to Chief Minister. They have to prove themselves to make sense of the trust placed in them by the party leadership. The BJP was going to the abyss in Gujarat under the late Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. In the last assembly elections, the Congress had brought a face to the BJP. Even today, during the Kovid-Corona period, the government system collapsed, the cheetahs of the dead kept burning in the villages, the government was helpless and desperate to witness the ordeal of death. Unemployment is on the rise in Gujarat. Many large industries have closed. The company, which manufactures Ford cars near Ahmedabad, went bankrupt and 40,000 people lost their jobs. Bhupendra Patel has been appointed to replace Chief Minister Rupani as farmers, laborers and unemployed youth from all over Gujarat are protesting and it is certain that this anger will be felt in the elections. This is just a whitewash, ”he said, referring to the problems in Gujarat.

Why is it time to change the CM overnight?

“Bhupendra Patel is a supporter of Anandiben Patel. Rupani was followed by Amit Shah. So tomorrow’s politics in Gujarat will be as interesting as the chaos. Bhupendra Patel was elected unanimously by the MLAs, but even Bhupendra did not know that he was becoming the Chief Minister. He had not even been made a simple minister in the last four years. He suddenly became the Chief Minister. The name came from Delhi and was accepted by the BJP Legislative Party. If the MLAs had voted for the election of a leader, another name would have been preferred. The same thing happens in the Congress party and this is what we have to call democracy. The Gujarat model of democracy, governance and development has burst like a bubble. If Gujarat is on the path of development and progress, then why is it time to change the Chief Minister overnight in such a manner?

It is said to be a ‘model’ of progress, there

Like Gujarat, the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and Karnataka was also replaced a few days ago. There are indications that changes will also be made in Madhya Pradesh. Not only the Chief Minister, but also in the states where there are no BJP governments, there has been a change of leadership. Where to change what is an internal question of that party. The bread has to be turned, but when a state is said to be a ‘model’ of development or progress, a sudden change of leadership, then doubts arise in the minds of the people. Bhupendra Patel is now in charge of Gujarat. Legislative elections are held throughout the year. Narendra Modi will have to fight ahead of Patel. What is this Gujarat model ?, ”the article said.

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