Will action be taken against those who approve additional compensation?

Asked by the Supreme Court

Mumbai: Will the state government take action against senior officials who sanctioned Rs 358 crore instead of Rs 184 crore to a road contractor by the end of 2019 during the President’s rule in the state? That is the question asked by the Supreme Court.

The state government has approached the Supreme Court in a case in which the Manaj Tollways road contractor was sanctioned an additional compensation in excess of the amount sanctioned earlier during the President’s tenure. The apex court asked this during the hearing. A proposal was made to pay Rs 184 crore to Manaj Tollways during the previous government. However, after the 2019 assembly elections, presidential rule was imposed in the state. During this period, the ministry officials had prepared a proposal to sanction Rs 358 crore instead of Rs 184 crore. This has caused loss to the state government, argued Adv. Performed by Paramjit Singh Patwalia. The state government should be informed about the action taken against the officials responsible for the loss. Will action be taken against these officers? That was the question asked by the Supreme Court.

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