Yoga Prachiti

This is not a simple incident. The incident is indicative of a very important and sensitive spiritual-cultural and social transition. It is a marvelous divine and historical epoch that compels an enlightened but self-absorbed Vibhuti in the state of ‘Yogi’ to become a saint. Muktai changes the interior and exterior in a jiffy, forcing the gods of knowledge to open the door of the plate. Muktabai proves the social image of the concept of ‘Yogi’ by radically changing the traditional understanding of the title ‘Yogi’. Similarly, the deeds of yogis. Don’t hold high and low mindset. Never seen the worst. There is no other option but to bring the righteous into the masses to prove the unnatural symptoms of the righteous. This is exactly what Muktabai accomplishes by forcing the gods of knowledge to open the door of the plate. In fact, both ‘Yogi’ and ‘Sant’ are equivalent. If there is a difference, it is between a scientist in a laboratory, a researcher engaged in purely theoretical research, and a lover of applied research, engaged in field research to put experimental models into practice! We must be convinced that the core of yoga has been captured by ‘Chittavrittinirodh’. But, why shouldn’t the world come to realize that the heart of such a worthy person is really confused by self-realization? Performing perfect Samadhi Yoga is the highest glory of Ashtanga Yoga. However, our ‘Tukobarai’ counts the ‘fate’ of yoga differently. Forgive your destiny. In this context, the words of the Maharajah used to be extremely touching. This destiny of yoga can be realized only in folklore. Who and why goes to the path of the one who lives in solitude? Therefore, the question of forgiveness does not arise in Girikandra. Only after coming in contact with various attitudes can something happen against one’s will and forgive the aggression of the relationship in the context of folklore. The theoretical interpretation of the concept of ‘Yoga’ was the acquisition of Yama, the regular Ashtanga of Raja Yoga. However, the name of Yoga Tap or Chi. Pride to be melted down is a rhetoric applied to the same yoga. Samal Jal of Meenalya Sarita. The sea is very clear. All of you for various deeds. In such words, Nathrai explains the extraordinary nature of the yogis who are always present day and night in the masses. So, since enlightenment is firmly established in the heart, the final stage of a yogi who remains intimately detached even in public affairs is called Tuka. Tukobarai states in such words that Shivapada will enjoy life. It is as if the theoretical and applied interpretation of the term ‘yogi’ is an integral realization. – Abhay Tilak


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