“You shot me in the head, but I’m with the Taliban…”, Afghan pop star Ariana Sayyad’s thrilling experience!

With the Taliban in power in Afghanistan, human rights concerns are now being raised globally. Restrictions on Taliban women in particular have been the subject of debate. It is easy to imagine that the journey to Taliban-held Afghanistan could be a nightmare for a female pop singer when the Taliban are not in favor of empowering women. Afghan pop star Ariana Sayyid has shared a thrilling experience of fleeing Afghanistan.

Twice tried to escape!

Ariana Sayyid fled Afghanistan and is currently living in Istanbul with her future husband. However, when the Taliban took control of Kabul, Aryana was still in Kabul. Aryana made two attempts to get out of Kabul. The second time, the plan was successful because of a little girl, Ariana also said.

According to Aryana, she made her first attempt to leave Kabul on August 15. The same day, the Taliban took control of Kabul. However, the plane from which she was to leave Kabul did not take off later. Then again on August 16 she reached Kabul airport. This time, however, she said that her life was saved because of a young girl.

There was a lot of crowd at the airport that day…!

“There was a huge crowd at the Kabul airport that day,” says Ariana. We were waiting for the airport admission to start. At the same time a little one came and sat on my lap. I took this opportunity to plan. I told the boy that if you stopped him, you would just tell him that I was your mother and that my name was Angel, not Ariana. ” Fate helped and American soldiers let them get on the plane.

But even after her release, Arya has not forgotten that thrilling experience. “As we were leaving the house, I told my fianc that if the Taliban caught up with me and took me away, shoot me in the head, but don’t let me go alive with them,” she said.

Ahmed Masood is still fighting the Taliban in Panjshir; It was reported that he had fled to Turkey

Aryana, 26, has repeatedly objected to Pakistan’s intervention in Afghanistan. She also criticized the recently announced Taliban cabinet for not being comprehensive. “Today’s women in Afghanistan are very different from what they were 20 years ago. They will definitely not accept this, ”said Ariana.

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