Your naughty look. Devotees stayed close

Chokhobarai and his family are one of the most enchanting, extraordinary gatherings of the Bhagavad-gita saints.

Although there are no definite details about the date of birth, it is undeniable that Chokhobarai was a contemporary of our Namdevaraya. When Chokhobarai merged with Panchatvat in 1338, Namdevrai was in his seventies. It does not seem impossible for them to have a direct relationship with the God of Knowledge. However, we find indisputable evidence that Chokhobaraya and his entire family had a close friendship with Namdevaraya. It is also natural. Because, the constant smell of Namdevaraya is in Pandharpur while the family of Chokhoba is near Pandharpura, in Mangalvedhya. Scholars are divided over whether Chokhoba was born on Mars or whether Mehunpuri in today’s Buldhana district is the birthplace of Chokhobara. Mangalvedha is the karma bhoomi of Chokhobaraya, but there are no differences. Chokhobaraya also accepted the mental discipleship of Namdevaraya. Chokhobarai and his family are one of the most enchanting, extraordinary gatherings of the Bhagavad-gita saints. Chokhoba himself, his wife Soyarabai, the couple’s son Karmela, Chokhoba’s sister Nirmala and his housewife Banka are all devotees. Abhangarachana soaked in pure devotion in the name of all. It is a rare yoga for the whole family to be devotional, abhanganirmata. Namdevrai is the supreme guru of Chokhoba’s family. There is nothing to say about the direct relationship between Gyan Deva and Chokhoba. However, Chokhoba’s abhangvani is the proof that Chokhoba’s insightful perception of Shaivagma is very complete. Analysis of Ganesha form Gyandev in the definition of Shaivagam; So, Chokhobarai takes darshan of Vitthalrupa from the position of Advaya. Anonymous Jayasi Tench Rupa Aalen. Ubhen te rahilen vitavari. These utterances of Chokhobaraya seem to underline the meeting of Advaybodha fixed in him. Chokhoba’s testimony, the God of Knowledge, and the fact that he is homosexual, undoubtedly indicates that the only principle, which in the original cosmic state, is only a vibration, is manifested in Bhimatiri by his will, and is erected on the bricks. As the boredom of such an anonymous paramatman is fed up with its loneliness, the experience of ‘self’ through various relationships has become cosmopolitan for the enjoyment of various angels. Apulias are dry, you are naughty. Chokhobaraya’s utterance is a perfect example of the unity of both the cosmic and cosmic forms of Paramashiva. Chokhoba’s experience is the philosophy of the primordial realization of Shaivagam. In order to taste the sweet taste of devotional bliss between the devotee and the Lord, he has stayed with Bhaktaraj Pundalikaraya, this ghatak of Vitthalrupa is our naughty form. Chokhobarai reveals in words that remain close to the devotee. Chokhobas, who look at the world from an enlightened point of view, are the reason why Chokhobas continue to appear everywhere in creation. It is only natural that Chokhoba should not experience even the slightest trace of ugliness and alternatively ugliness! – Abhay Tilak

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